The Myths of The Sheikah: Taima

This campaign is based off Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time mythos. But it is much more than that.

The story focuses on a duo of Sheikah, Kiraka and Kikkasut, of the village Kakariko which lies at the base of Mt Marek.

Kiraka and Kikkasut are disciples of the Sheikah tribal religion, particularly of the tribe’s fighters’ circle. On Bram’s Night, the night where Bram is supposed to walk the world surveying the progress of his people, the disciples who were pledging to the higher circles of the tribe’s various groups, gathered in the Shaman’s hut to walk the Road of Waking Dreams. These visions, given by the Gods themselves, are interpreted by the Shaman in order to see who is ready to move forward along their path. Kiraka saw a vision of a great White Bison leading her up the path to Mt. Marek, where fire flew from the peak and ash fell like snow. At the summit, a great gaping hole that seemed to go forever into the world opened before her and she fell in, which is when she awoke.

The Myths of the Sheikah

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